sarcasm, resentment, and girly goodness all wrapped in a low-cal bun.

emo is as emo does
lj seems to be my place for venting about my wittle broken heart so i figured this belonged here.

plus it's much easier to play for online friends then to ppl i have to see everyday haha =_=

BTW, ich_kann_heilen, i had no idea how to pronounce that so i just gave up haha!

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singing. without my hair brushed, in my pjs, with no make up lol. oh what boredom can do to you!

pre-quarter life crisis
yesterday was my birthday.
had a few friends over, didn't get shit faced but still had fun (yay!)
kindercare gave me my clearance.
god opened harry potter land.
all around excellent day.

except that i turned twenty =(
and i probably gained weight =.=

this is me being adult-like.

A little family.

I think my mom and ron should get married.

I can’t decide if it’s because he’s grown on me with all of his weird, little quirks (like blasting early Britney Spears randomly and awkwardly saying things that shows he really cares) or because I want to see a real, functioning relationship for once.

But if neither of them needs a stupid paper, neither do I.

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for my birthday on friday i would like to give myself:

1) -2 lbs.
2)  an amazing jam session with me and my guitar
3) possibly some tans for summer
4) a cleaner, healthy body (no cigarettes) to put toxins in (lots of alcohol)

since i've finally accepted that hogwarts isn't going to be sending me a letter anytime soon i better figure out a way to keep my birthday spirit from being crushed by the weight of adulthood.

i figure i'll find a place and see who shows up. no expectations = no disappointments.

i woke up at 1:30 p.m. still drunk =( and i can't locate my favorite jacket!
i did, however have an excellent night with pookie and the gang, particularly at the strip club.
pook wasn't having fun because half of the group bailed when we got there so i decided to spice it up by finishing off the tequila and having the girls pull dollars out of our cleavage.

somehow i ended up on stage (fully clothed) and got offered a job haha.
however, considering it was the skankiest club i could ever imagine i was slightly offended.
some of the girls were sexy as fuck, and some.... really shouldn't have been there and really shouldn't have been masturbating on stage =(

rainbow sprite was not there. my heart is broken.
if you haven't read or seen I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell than get on that shit!

so basically my night ended with morgan and stephanie dragging me to the car and something about me complaining that my drink was finished yet. even though i couldn't walk straight i did manage to hold my drink up when turist tipped my chair over, and didn't spill a drop!

i've got my priorities straight, what can i say?

stephanie got me a betsey johnson pineapple necklace for my early-bday-prezzie =D



more car karaoke!

all our epic car songs seem to be centered around being angry at boys lol

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try harder
had a hard time with today. had a panic attack in walmart.

i feel forgotten.


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