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try harder
had a hard time with today. had a panic attack in walmart.

i feel forgotten.

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(Deleted comment)
it was really weird i was already freaking out with the lighting, and the mass amount of people- i could feel my body tense up but i was doing my relaxation exercises to calm it. then i heard this parent hella cussing on the phone dragging their little kid by the arm and it just set me off.

like, at first it was just this overwhelming sense of dread that there was no point then my heart started racing and i was shaking and couldn't concentrate then everything started turning white. luckily my bestie got me out of the there into the fresh air very quickly =/

(Deleted comment)
they do lol, whenever i leave i feel like my soul has been sucked out.

thanks, stupid boys not texting back grrrr.

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