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pre-quarter life crisis
yesterday was my birthday.
had a few friends over, didn't get shit faced but still had fun (yay!)
kindercare gave me my clearance.
god opened harry potter land.
all around excellent day.

except that i turned twenty =(
and i probably gained weight =.=

this is me being adult-like.

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(Deleted comment)
thank you and YES. the boy i'm madly in lurv with but who is probably playing me got me an OFFICIALLY SEALED HOGWARTS ACCEPTANCE LETTER. i am framing it. i'd be waiting 8 years lol!

(Deleted comment)
HE MADE IT. unfortunately this is the boy i'm trying to NOT fall madly in love with.

that is an excellent idea!

Happy Birthday (late :P) Don't worry about gaining any weight, it was your birthday! It's all good to have nice things to eat on your birthday and whatnot. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD. And sounds like your friends really love you :D

awww yea i was kinda disappointed because only a few came by after i cancelled my -lets-get-drunk- party for a pizza one but i ended up loving it! the few that did come really cared and showed it instead of having a huge party with way too many ppl eating all my icecream cake haha!

Fuck that noise. I don't drink anymore, but if people didn't want to hang out with me for it, I'll just fuck them.
I would have came and eaten your ice cream cake and pizza and NOT thrown it up because birthdays are neg calz!

hellz yea.

now everyones hitting me up thinking i'm gonna actually party tonight. stupid fuckers find your own place to drink haha.

(we're in a couple of the same communities, mind if I add you)

fo sho fo sho! my name is kat, btw, haha is that yours too?

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