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emo is as emo does
lj seems to be my place for venting about my wittle broken heart so i figured this belonged here.

plus it's much easier to play for online friends then to ppl i have to see everyday haha =_=

BTW, ich_kann_heilen, i had no idea how to pronounce that so i just gave up haha!

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Hi, mizz Kat:

It's "I can heal." (Though it needs a "mich" to make a complete sentence.) Where'd you pick up the German phrase?

I presume it refers to the breakup you referred to on Dyke Riot -- which is where I saw your SEXY photo. (No, not the one with your mom.)

I hope you get this -- doesn't seem you're active on LJ now. If you do, pls come visit my lezzie little blog, and friend me, 'kay?


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